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About RaceXchange Welcome to RaceXchange. RaceXchange is an idea that came to life for Rob Vandergriff. Rob is best known for campaigning the "World's Fastest 57 Chevy" in IHRA and Super Chevy competition. He has driven cars for over 20 years and began with a 11 second street 1969 Camaro, and ended with a 6 second 210 mph pro modified 1957 Chevrolet.

enlargeRaceXchange was developed to reduce the frustration of determining good parts from junk. RaceXchange utilizes standard advertising formats combined with the internet to better facilitate the buyers information needs.

RaceXchange specializes in fast 8, top sportsman, pro modified type engines, cars and equipment. Our goal is to provide quality preraced racing equipment at affordable pricing with outstanding integrity!

There is nothing new about buying, selling or trading; it's done every day. RaceXchange offers a different approach by fully inspecting, rebuilding and fully disclosing everything known about the product offered for sale.

Engines listed on RaceXchange are leak tested, completely inspected by cylinder head and oil pan removal, full bearings and internal component inspection, parts verification, and damaged components are replaced or repaired as necessary and reassembled by a professional racing engine facilty. Complete cars are disassembled, inspected, photographed, and are listed with all options and information.

What really seperates us from the rest is our ability to buy your stuff, trade on your stuff or sell to you outright.

If you have something for sale or see something you are interested in... please contact us by e-mail or by phone. Feel free to fill out our contact form and send in your comments!

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